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CDI has been privileged to serve pastors and church leaders from several nations to lead and reproduce disciplemaking churches. For example:

  • Since CDI's first training in Ethiopia in 2000, Ethiopian pastors have reproduced more than 1,000,000 disciplemakers, have planted more than 2,500 disciplemaking churches, and have sent out more than 1,000 disciplemaking missionaries in the sixth poorest country of the world.
  • Because of the wonderful fruit God has brought through CDI’s partnership with fruitful pastors and church leaders in Ethiopia, the ministry has spread to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and other African nations.
  • A multitude of pastors in Nicaragua and other Central American countries have been encouraged and equipped through the faithful service of a national CDI staff member.
  • Churches have reproduced and disciples have multiplied along the Amazon River in Peru. Brazil has been impacted greatly by healthy and dynamic reproductive churches.
  • Pastors in remote northeast India have spread the light of Jesus through faithful disciplemaking in that dark land.
  • Underground pastors in closed countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have been encouraged and equipped in liberating and life-transforming disciplemaking.
U. S. churches have the opportunity to reach, disciple, and plant churches in dark, unreached nations, spreading God's glory to the ends of the earth.

Join us in building the spiritual foundation of other nations by sending short-term disciplemaking teams to equip national pastors and their wives in exciting, highly relational, and abundantly fruitful one-to-one, reproductive disciplemaking.


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