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Church Dynamics International has been a valuable resource for pastors and churches all over the world for several years. Our team helps church pastors and leaders evaluate their ministries and design and implement strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Our experienced staff will serve your church by:

Providing an introduction...

  • Casting a biblical vision for a healthy and dynamic church
  • Presenting the CDI Process to your church leaders
  • Supporting the pastor with helpful planning and information

Coming along side...

  • By invitation, partnering with the church’s pastors and leaders

Walking together through an effective process...

  • Conducting practical diagnostic interviews and studies
  • Introducing "reproductive ministry"
  • Providing leadership training conferences
  • Improving the church’s climate for growth
  • Partnering internationally
  • Providing long-term follow up as needed

CDI uses proven and transferable materials from Multiplication Ministries. CDI staff members provide guidance on how to use these materials for maximum effectiveness.


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