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Wondering if CDI can help your church? Read below to see what other pastors and church leaders have to say.

I have paid large amounts of money and have flown long distances for training. This Church Dynamics training is better than anything I have ever seen!

-- Pastor Sam Calhoun

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. Since you discipled me, I was able to disciple others in Ethiopia - and they have gone on to disciple others in Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, and India.

-- Pastor Andy Noch

What CDI shared with me made so much sense. I can't imagine a pastor of a church that could not benefit immensely from CDI's one-to-one disciplemaking process. I saw immediate impact among our people.

-- Pastor Jack Rickman

Seldom does a ministry change the DNA of a church like CDI does. Their one-to-one reproductive disciplemaking has become a vital part of how we equip our people to become maturing followers of Jesus.

-- Pastor Joe Rhodes

Just want to thank you again for what you have done so far for us as a church and for me personally. Your coming here was an answer to my prayer for some time. After 17 years in the ministry, a seminary degree and many years before that in the business world, it is still a struggle to figure out "how to do church" in a relevant manner that will be effective in this community. Your insights have given us a new vision and confidence that we can be all that God has meant us to be.  It's no accident that you are in upper New York State. This is one of the most spiritually dead areas in the country. We need your insights to give us the direction to travel and I know that we can be all that God has called us to be.

-- Pastor Ray Spangler

I have 25 years pastoral experience of three different churches and they never grew.  The new believers never remained in the church and left by the back door-BUT, thank God for the ministry of CDI who has enabled us to close the back door by understanding and utilizing the CDI process and one-to-one discipleship!"

-- Pastor in Managua, Nicaragua

The Holy Spirit is beginning to Rain His Righteousness at Chapel Hill Bible Church. We saw 25 at the alter today repenting and praying for revival. with three raise seeking salvation.
Our congregation will not be seeking any sign, but the Holy presence of Our God. I have been teaching that we have been putting the cart before the horse in matters of church growth at CHBC. Thank you for teaching us about "deadly diseases" that prevent church growth and how reproduction is the remedy, our people are ready to accept that truth. God is good - all the time. God bless you Church Dynamics.

-- Pastor Geoff Bruschi
Marlboro, NY


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