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Churches in the United States are facing some of the greatest opportunities in the history of our nation.

The Lord has blessed us profoundly with a godly heritage and an abundance of resources. But resistance and apathy are threatening to keep the church from being the vital force Jesus wants it to be.

Now is the time to mobilize healthy and dynamic churches that will minister intentionally, creatively, and incarnationally in the power of the Holy Spirit, to be channels of God’s healing and His glory in our land.

Church Dynamics serves pastors and equips churches for life-transforming community impact, by manifesting the distinctiveness of Christ in an increasingly diverse society. CDI helps equip leaders to reach and reproduce transformed lives in a post-Christian culture that has little interest in church. CDI helps churches “go and make disciples” whose lives and conversations are relevant to seekers who are thirsting for truth that is “real” rather than programmatic.

For more than 25 years, Church Dynamics International has served local churches in every part of the country. We want to serve you and your church!

CDI has worked with hundreds of churches throughout the United States resulting in healthy, productive, disciplemaking churches in many regions. Presently, our staff members are serving several pastors and churches in the east and northeast as well as in the southwest areas of the nation.

Please view the Testimonies about CDI. Contact our office to arrange for a CDI Staff Member to serve you and your church.


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